Monday, November 13, 2006

Vitalis & Elizabeth Wedding - Beaufort Reception

Last weekend we were at Beaufort to celebrate the Holy Matrimony of Vitalis Gondipon(oyok) & Elizabeth Idek...and the bride's reception at Kg.Selagon, Beaufort.
Gerry the bestman, fixing the groom's corsage

bestman & the groom

with uncle, aunty & mom

while waiting for the bride..

the kids..

here comes the bride..

Elizabeth looking all happy..

ready for the procession

ready to receive the bride

walking down the aisle..

father giving away the bride...

"I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad..."

"...take this ring as a sign of my love & fidelity..."

I pronounce you husband and wife....

the newlyweds..

with Oyok's brothers..

with oyok's sisters..

oohhh!!! bubbles..

"jangan kasih rusak rambut saya ah.."

ready for receiving guest..

Oyok's speech..

"..terima kasih kepada Vitalis, kerana sudi mengawini saya..." ;)

cake cutting

Endless love duet by Ben & Juliana...

with the bride & groom..

Chinese duet song by the bride & groom...

family group photo..

drinking session...

i really dunno who he winked at...

the only couple who dance...

Ben sampai kluar urat nyanyi...
Kuoh..!!! Oyok practice sudah jadi daddy...

one last song for the Victor


maeKOlis said...

eh i thought my uncle saja yang nama OYOK di penampang..ada juga orang muda nama oyok pula...classic betul tu nama...funny oh joyce when you put in one of the caption by the bride 'terima kasih kerana menghawini saya' haha

Joyce said...

tapi mimang itu exact word si elizabeth cakap...kami pun semua katawa..!! :)

pinolobu said...

Oyok mana lagi ni, Jerry Ting?


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