Sunday, November 05, 2006

The "moment"

Wedding is a very special, happy emotional once in a life time celebration, and that celebration needs to be capture. Its the brides and grooms only memories of their weddings.
I, a Bride to be have not book any photographer yet. yep...2months to go & nope NO photographer. I have a few list on me....but im still not sure who to choose. I want a photographer that can capture the "moment", the special moment of emotional, humor, details & feelings during my wedding.


getting ready



Pictures taken from wpja The Wedding Photojournalist Association.

My 1st choice of photographer would be LouisPang, he's a member of the WPJA. A really good wedding photograher from Tawau. But he is wayyy too expensive for me, but i really like his work though. These are my favourite pictures that he took. More of wedding pictures at his blog

Desmond & Amanda at Shangrila Tg. Aru Resort

Alfie & Caressa at Labuan

2nd choice would be CalvinNG. I think most of you guys know him. A good photographer & reasonable price...but the pictures teda tu uummph bah!!! I dont like the way he photoshop the gambars.
3rd Choice, jopat photografia pun reasonable price juga. but its not the real jopat yang ambil gambar, this other guy name Alfred Liew yang ambil and i dunno whether he's as good as jopat.
4th choice, James Tseu a newspaper photographer but doing part-time as a wedding photographer. Gerry's newlywed cousin Terry & wife Susan introduce him to me. Cheap & photos were pretty good too.
But i dont want just a good photographer...i want yang very good punya.
Last-last bagus lagi sya suruh my cousin Ella saja jadi my photographer...she yang took Carl & Josie's wedding om free lagi. Free ka lla? hehe..


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