Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kundasang Trip

I have been to Kundasang lots of time..but this time it was my first time there with Gerry...plus the penampang proper guys lah.
Occasion?...its Deparaya.

a view of Perkasa Hotel at the very top of the hill

my last stay at Perkasa Hotel was 23yrs ago with my family...punya lama sudah sya tidak pi sini..

the room where we stayed in..

On our way to Poring hot spring...there was an accident ahead, the car was really wrecked up. The
next day newspaper told that the brother fell asleep and drove in the middle of the lane and rammed the bus driving on the opposite direction...his 9yr old sister died of head injury. People..just be carefull on the road & wear your seatbelt.

as we reached Poring...

unfortunately, the hotspring is under renovation. All they got is this freaking freezing swimming pool. Tapi hentam sajalah masuk, coz already paid the entrance. Gerry & Asuk chilling..!!

Ronald & Alex took Randall for a ride..

right pic : Jimmy & son Gerrard
left pic : Gerry on the slide

the boys cant get enough of it


Randall looked very amused...

Habis saja main...then we have another agenda at Alex's place(where he currently work/stay)

Jebester cutting out the wire for bbq grill...i know its betagar, but he did grind & wash it before using it...

Alex preparing the bbq pit

Gerry seperti biasa jadi tukang bbq

Melvin cooked bihun...sedap juga dia masak oh..

then not ketinggalan...lap-lap-fu..

ada embun bah di belakang..

then adjourned to the Hotel perkasa's karaoke bar to celebrate Alex's birthday..

where's my song?

Boy Unan fooling around while fiance Rachel singing...
Cheers Asuk..!!

ooooOOOooo Aramaiitii...kiiiihuii..tung,tung,tung!!!
*adalah moginum song dorang tu...

gulping down the jug...
All i know was, a few of them patah jugalah that nite...

wonderful hill view...mountain kana tapuk sudah oleh tu embun...

bunga seribu...bulih cabut & trus jadi bouquet!!

Gerry bought me flowers...
Rm15 for 2 dozens of roses..so murah!!

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cindy said...

Ohh... nice pictures.
Thank you for sharing. :D


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