Thursday, October 26, 2006

Didi to Kota marudu

Last week already start working at Hospital Kota Marudu. So she tapau me, Lut & Shirley to kawan her for 2 days and check out the hospital flat. Then balik KK sama2 after that.

Hospital Kota Marudu

Stairway to Didi's flat

"hmm...I wonder how the flat looks like"

kuang, kuang, kuang...the living room

master bedroom with "double" bed....u can see lut tahan ketawa nampak the room



at least got verandah..

view of football fiels from the verandah...

the living room again & dining room at far back..

Didi's flat is on the 3rd floor have 3bedrooms & 2bathroom...with kuburan nearby.
Didi decided to find a house for rent goodluck lah Di..!!!


maekOlis said...

I was just about to say how nice the flat would turn out to be with a few magic sofas, kasih re-paint the wall, new kick-ass curtain...cantik juga tu cause the room look quite spacey...then you said, dekat kuburan..yai...kembang terus bulu sia!

Good luck didi with finding a rent house...jadi kalau sia balik kk ni, jarang lah sia jumpa si didi sana cocoon ni? haha

melody said...

hey the flat looks besar actually, tapi emptylah. if can bring more furniture in it's ok mah, if cannot, well i dunnolah :)

the kuburan nearby gives the flat that extra character it so desperately needs.

and got bathtub again... i so want a bathtub too... :(

anyways, i would take the safer option rather than the "more cantik" option because it's a new place, no kawan yet. kalau kena tengah malam punya shift, at least at the hospital flat maybe ada lagi 1 or 2 people kawan...

besides, naik turun 3 flights of stairs everyday? exercise baby! :P

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding a rent house.
Miss you...


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