Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Too late osso

I just finish the whole 7 seasons of Sex in the City... the friends are so good and supportive to each other. I like oh!!! Even Lut pun ketagih watching it sampai 4.30am hehe..!!

Now i know where "bed" of waterfront got the idea of naming the place "bed"...and what's with Carrie when she's with Aidan...punya bagus si Aidan tu...ishk banci sya!!!!!

When i was watching the 3rd season when Charlotte married Trey. Her wedding was soooo beautiful, i want it to be mine.
Then i remember Sacred Heart dont have any railing outside the tangga that i can decorate and bergambar just like the picture in sex and the city.
So i ask Gerry if we can change church venue...
Then he said "Tapi love...tu invitation card sudah kena print kan..".
I'm like..."oh yah kan!!!! punya budu!!!! Kita kahwin 2 kali lah love..!!"

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