Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Wedding Reception II - 7th January 2007

My 2nd wedding lunch reception from Gerry's side was held at KDCA.
Decorated by Ms Juliana Gondipon , food caterers from Ching Fah and band from D' Salapa. Theme color : Blue

with the magagagung team from Penampang Proper


wearing moludu this time...

Jeniffer Asing

Jeniffer, Janet & Joyce.....minus Janice

at the reception table

makan time

family members dulu masuk..

then kami...


at the main table..

watching the video highlights...

with Gerry's ex-colleagues

sumazau time

hancoorr Gerry kana jumpa kawan-kawan dia...

Atama pun tiba-tiba ada...

Us with Uloi..

makan 2nd round or maybe 3rd..

mesti ada pocho-pocho...

with Ms Juliana Gondipon the decorater & NaZeer

tidak puas di dewan.....sambung rumah lagi...

Gerry's brother in-laws...Daim, Tim & Albert

our only entertainment...nasib ada orang menyanyi...Daim complain saaaayaaa saja nyanyi...dia bilang mau hujan sudah...hehe


Liza Low said...

hi there, My name is Liza and my soon to be sis in law introduced me to your blog. I will be getting married soon (in sept) and it will be in sabah. I love the pictures taken from your site. can you recommend the photographer. I'm currently working in KL and my fiance is a sabahan. I'm a kelantanese, so I'm not sure who is the best photographer and make up artist. hope u can help me out. you can email me at thanks alot in advance.

Anonymous said...

I lurv all your pictures Joyce. You look awesome and really glowing. Congratulations on your marriage - cheers~~


Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce..

As usual...great and happenning events by u and ur family. Jgn lupa post gambar honeymoon nanti.

Bagilah progress weight loss program ko.

-hahaha-take care-

Baizurah said...

Hi joyce, sorry going out of topic for a moment but since you asked the Ning Baizurah's song that appears in episode 20 of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 is "Breathe Again" - If I am not mistaken.


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