Monday, April 30, 2007

My Wedding Summary

Kenapa? boring sudah tinguk pasal wedding saaaaya saja....hehe. oklah oklah... paling last lah video on my, church to cultural and KDCA.

Ya, Jag... kau bila turn kau??


Anonymous said...

was very entertained with your blogs. your decorator for the cultural hall did a wonderful job. liked the backdrop colour and the lights hanging down. how much did it cost you? can u give me contact number of your decorator. by the way, the figurines of you and your beloved hubby is excellent too. contact number please?

Bee said...

Joyce... I was trying to contact you via sms... tp cannot liao, so I am dropping the bomb here with hope tht you might actually see this before the exam :

Concentrate on these topics:

TCP/IP Model
Router and switch
Collision domain
IP Subnetting - mcm dlm assignment

got the tips for Pn Siti herself.

All the best. Ganbatte Kudasai!

Joyce said...

Backdrop cost me RM800...done by Ms Connie from Ching Fah Catering. H\P 019-8812228.


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