Friday, April 10, 2009

Makeup Haul

I've always went crazy when everytime SGDrugstore open his sprees. Arrgh!! please someone stop me!!! So here what I bought from E.L.F, Cherry Culture, CrownBrush and PoshBrushes.

E.L.F-Another 1. eyeshadow & 2. blending brush because I love this brushes so much,
3. Studio Complexion Brush (USD3) which is incredibly soft compared to the elianto brush yang so Skindeco's review on complexion brush
4. Shielding Hydro-Tint SPF15
5. Shimmering Facial Whip

Nyx cosmetics have been highly raved by beauty junkies that are going for budget makeups, very good dupes that some are comparable to MAC.
1. Nyx Trio - Perpetual
2. Nyx round lipstick - Circe, Thalia, Indian Pink, Snow White, Fafinetex swatches on Nyx Lipstick

Nyx Mega shine lipgloss - Smokey look

SGDrugstore ready stock 1. CHI Silk Infusion 2. Loreal De-crease eyeshadow base
Crown Brush 1. Backstage Shadow crease (S225) 2. pink kabuki

Backstage Shadow crease (S225), I needed this brush to make the smokey look easier to blend

this pink kabuki is for face buff and it is so soft...

and this unbelievably small thing from Poshbrush

Posh 5 Piece Mini Brush Kit w/Zip Pursepad
"This mini travel brush kit includes a powder brush, purse foundation, conceal & touch up duo brush, brow & eyeliner duo brush, smokey & angle eye shadow duo brush in a zippered travel purse. Perfect for the woman on the go!"

total of 8 types of brushes..!! So perfect for travelling..

this is my most favorite tool from this kit smokey & eyeshadow in 1 brush

Nyx Trio - Perpetual look

Eyes - Nyx Trio Perpetual
Lips - Nyx Thalia + Nyx smokey look lipgloss


KaDusMama said...

hahahaaaa..!!! Suma kita gila make-up now..! sia nda tau apa suma sia beli tu..!! macam2..
Bah osso, kalau ada good deal, jan lupa kestau sia..hehehe

*sia ada baca juga post 88 pellets eye shadow ko tu..hehee

Cath J said...

Why you want to stop???? It not like smoking or drinking..hihihi...Peduli kau...if we stop you, means we no more news about makeup and good deal stuff from u.. hihihi...

Joyce said...

Titty : oh ada pula ko baca entry sia tu...nah sama-sama lah kita gila make-up

Cath J : Rajin oh kau kan comment di blog sia...bah sia trus shopping lah kalau gini hihihi

a.l.u.s said...

gila for the make up now... syioks kan.... addicted sudah nie...

chegu carol said...

mana kau beli tu posh 5 set brush ko? i wantttttttt....bcos sa sealu travel...sinang lah mo bawa sama sa suka tu yg ada brushes on both sides.

Joyce said...

Alus: siok oh...bah gila makeup kan..hahaha

chegu carol: sia beli di through SgDrugstore punya spree, ngam2 ada 50% off lagi :) I bought for rm80 for this set.

Baizurah said...

OMG! I Can't wait for my ELF Spree purchase to arrive!!!

Joan D'Arcy said...

lol!!! i would like to try too.. mau jadi hotmama wif 2boys ard me... lol

bah, post gaga update

izanazuani said...

OMG! Joyce betul2 ko ni addicted to makeup. I'm learnig makeup from my BIL. Mau juga kunun jadi expert :-)...


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