Friday, May 23, 2008

Custom CD for Baby Gaga

When I saw Sandra's Maya wore her embroidery diaper then I started going crazy about embroidery diaper...I searched every websites that make custom made diaper especially embroidery, but of course embroidery diaper can cost a lot, it can reach up to usd$50 per diaper.... so gila babi mahal..!!!!

So i cari and cari and Chunky Monkey Diapers was the cheapest and affordable custom embroidery diaper so far...what I like about Chunky Monkey is the offer name only embroideries, which is more cheaper than embroidery designs. so excitement!!!! hehe

Custom made
Superman Onesie,
Minky pocket tiger print (roarrr... like a tiger!!),
Brown/light blue microchamois pocket and
Navy/red microfleece AIO


Baby Gaga on Baby Gaga CD!!!!...hehe


Joan D'Arcy said...

Alalala... so special + cute! :) Susah la mau hand-me-down nie baju, sudah ada chop empunya. Btw, I think u really lost so much weight sudah (compare gambar2 in ur blogs).. Looking good, gal!

Aunty J said...

ohhhh noooooooooo....just as am about to retire (for now kunun)from CDs shopping for a make me wanna check out the site....arrgghhhh...oh nooo...CD addict on the loose again...nah your fault la nie if hubby bising hahahaha...

Joyce said...

Hi Celine, ya tidak bulih pass pass the cd...thats why I bought sikit saja. Cant resist bah the name embroidery.

Hahhaaha AuntyJ, bah guna saja nama sia if ko mau blame...tapi sama juga nama kita kan..hehehe

Deana E said...

no wonder susan said u banyak lagi buy diaper..i thot wanna stop for a while but u make me and aunty j sibuk lagi nie..nice la the baby gaga much la one?


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