Sunday, August 24, 2008

Manila Trip 2008

Its been 2years since my Manila trip in 2006, this time i'm going with baby Abrey, PIL & niece Sasha.

When MIL saw the zero fare offered by MAS, she got really excited and booked us tickets to Manila during school holidays. It only cost us RM396 return per person and RM34 for Abrey...murah gila!!!!

But a few weeks after we booked the tickets, MAS called and re-route us. KK-Manila to KK-KL-Manila, instead of 2hrs & 30minutes flight, we took 7hrs flight... :( Apparently they cut-out the KK-Manila flights already...

As for cloth diapers...I didnt bring any. Malas mau cuci-cuci & no time. Abrey was on dispo the whole trip.

We got up as early as 3.30am to catch the 6.05am flight to KLIA, then took the 10.20am flight and arrived at Manila at 2.10pm. Gore our tour guide friend pick us up...then send us to our hotel.

We stayed at UCCP Shalom Center, Malate and took the apartelle room that cost 2,295 peso (RM172) per night. But already paid as part of our tour package.

our two single beds, alalah Abrey di hujung sudah...

roll away bed, can tidur 2 person lagi...ooops Sorry Ma..

kitchen where coffee & tea is NOT free, need to call the reception for hot water

but I really really puji the toilet, is soooo bersih & white...

Dengan tidak membuang masa we went straight to Robinsons Shopping mall that is 5minutes walk from our hotel. I saw a very cute baby camo hat where you can embroider a name that cost 50peso (RM3.75) but decided to buy it later, when I came back...someone bought it already...NOOOO!!!!
1st Lesson, Gore advised me if I see something nice...just buy it!!!
2nd Lesson, Don't go to supermarkets in Manila, you gonna queue in cashier counter for an hour just to buy mineral water.

Day 2
Gore pick us up at 10am then drive us to Makati and straight to Ayala Center. Jalan-jalan at Glorietta then shopping berabis at Landmark, a walk at Greenbelt.

Sasha at glorieta

trying out a hat in Landmark

a park at the center of Greenbelt

church near shopping malls...

MIL : Joyce kau mau pigi attend to mass...

Me : Tidak mau :)

MIL : Sasha you want to go inside & pray
Sasha : No...

After Makati, we went straight to Market! Market! for more shopping, had "crispy pata" dinner at the food market, then a walk to Bonifacio High Street, the newest shopping complex in Manila...then to The Fort to see the Dinasours...

going to Bonaficio..

water coming out from a rock at Bonaficio

all of us at Dinasour show


Day 3
To the famous Luneta Park, then to the Intramuros and visit the oldest church in Manila. Shopping for religious stuff at Tayuman...continue shopping at Tutuban shopping mall, 168 shopping mall & Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in Manila...phew..!!

at Luneta Park

Sasha posing with the Rizal Monument

Department of Tourism building

Map of Philippines dalam tasik

Playground entrance cost PHP10 (RM0.75)per person.

Sasha having fun at the playground.

she's in the wonderland

im a princess

waiting for her turn

Sasha model pose

Abrey looking fine on the hot monday morning....while Gore taking over the stroller...

San Agustin Church, the oldest church in Manila

Tayuman street...a strecth of religous statue

Me & Abrey at one of the shop

mama & bapa bargaining for the Last Supper

Bapa outside the shop

After Tayuman, we continue our shopping to Tutuban & 168 shopping mall, where all the median people shop here...I bought Gerry shoe cost half the price in Petaling cheap!!

After we thought we are through with shopping, Gore took us to Mall of Asia, the biggest mall i Manila...but of course we did'nt manage to finish walking around the mall just ground floor only & the foodcourt, basar bah tu...and Bapa looked sooo tired, Mama also getting worried. Gore purposely park at the end of the mall so we could walk by at the seaside boulevard, it look so much like waterfront KK, but they have live bands & this cool robot man.

a bit dark, but still can see him moving

Day 4
More shopping of course, today we went straight to Greenhills where they sell all the branded stuff, but cheaper. It look so much like Petaling Street but its indoor with air cond & cheaper here, so siok...!!

Abrey in sling at Greenhills

After Greenhills, more shopping at SM Megamall, by this time...Sasha is bored with shopping malls...I have to agree I am too, sampai I said to Gore "I think I can vomit shopping" hahaha. direct translation to "sampai mau muntah shopping..."

Then he bring us to more shopping center...haiya!!! Tidak habis-habis, He brought us to Tiendesitas and had our philipino dinner at the food village and tasted the best bbq pork ever...mmm yummy.

Proceed to the Fun Ranch Ortigas just beside the Tiendesitas, a place where every children wants to go...Sasha lah paling happy at this moment. Unfortunately most of the playground were close already, we came too late.

They even have spa for children here...gila!!!

Little Lamb's Clinic.Spa.Salon. for kids *picture took from their website*

at Fun Ranch


Sasha & Bapa

Me & Abrey... hehehe

Then he head back to our hotel...

Gong Xi Gong Xi....awal juga he minta tagih ang pow..
Day 5
Sempat lagi kami buat last minute shopping at Robinsons Shopping mall before we take off to our 3.30pm flight. Abrey has been a really good traveller, only cried yang berabis on the last day at the airport where he really needs his sleep+nenen...

Bapa & Mama at the Aerotrain KLIA

How many shopping malls we went? 14 shopping malls in 5days...beat that!!!
Gore is the perfect guy to hire if you are traveling from 4-8person, or more than that. Waiting for taxi is a killer in Manila. Same like you're queing at the supermarkets...panjang gila babi.
He is our tourguide, jadi our tukang gambar...tukang surung stroller...nasib the shopping bags kana sangkut di stroller...haha.

Next destination..?? Jakarta?


Joyce G Asing-Cashman said...

Gilak babi juga kamurang shopping wonder bapak kepenatan, and Shasha keboringan. Gaga juga la maintain hensom!!! Enjoyed all the pictures ;-)

Joyce said...

Ya, gila babi banyak shopping malls kami pigi...itu pun, duit peso kami tidak habis kana spend...murah bah sana..

Aunty J said...

eh mana gambar-gambar yg kau beli barang2 sana??? capat i wanna see and drool at your shopping spree nie hehehe

Deana E said...

wah..Gaga already went to Manila..bila Sona mau pigi nie ah?? I am trying very hard not to travel this year..4 bulan lagi..hehehe..heard so much about Manila but my cousin said not good to bring small baby..what do u think? macam ok ja Gaga tu

Kadus_Mama said...

wah!!!!!!! bukan main lagi ko nie Oss!!! kalah sia sama ko kalau mau shopping nie..
Tapi si gaga ba, punya main kiut!!! makin bulat and besar mata ni.. :)

Joyce said...

Bah AuntyJ nanti sia kasih post some of the barang yang sia belilah...

Hi Dena, Ok juga pun Gaga sia bawa pi malls pun very baby friendly sana, semua tempat got nappy change. Everyone also very baby friendly...I had no hard time travelling with baby there. So best!!

Hahaha, itu bukan semua shopping malls kami pigi lagitu Titty...i think dorang ada lebih 30 shopping malls sana manila saja tu..

taty said...

wahh siok lah looking at those picture of yours in Manila!!
btw, i tag u.. please feel free to finish the meme and buat bila-bila u suka ya hehehe tak sabar wanna know more about you! :)

osindak said...

wowww so best bershopping!!! i haven't been to manila yet.. hehe skarang ada christmas decor odi kan, sia dingar lah.. hehe so nice!!


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