Friday, March 10, 2006

Manila 2006

Mabuhay..Im bak from manila. It was a great trip for me. There where 8 of us going on this trip, me, Carl, Josie & Jimonon. Carl's golf friends Henry, Niel, Anita(Niel's wife) & Niel's daughther who's gonna be baptist in Manila.
I ate too much babui(babi), drank lots of San miguel beer, seen lots of sexy filipina girls...NO, i didnt see any cute filipino guys pun, especially Jericho yang you guys been drooling on. And the best part was met up with my bestfriend Lynn & all we did was eating, clubbing till dawn, drink beer and shopping.

Day 1

at KK airport excited maumatee..

Did u know that we were treated extra special because there's a baby accompany with us. syiok oh masuk aeroplane without queueing up. ;) Jimonon looking cute with his seatbelt.

Josie filling up the immigration form before landing...

Welcome to Manila

spotted a jeepney...and a guy selling a newspaper in the middle of the road

They were having some online gaming competition at Glorietta hall. prize money P1,000,000

Had dinner at "Singing cook& waiter abtp" restaurant. The cook & waiter/waitresses do can sing..

Singing cook

Yes, Ladies & gentleman. If u go too manila, dont forget to try the San Miguel beer...punya sedap..!!

and its Low in Calorie

mmm yummy barbecue pork..

Hendry pouring beer for Carl..
Cowboy Grills at Malate. I dunno what to call this place a restaurant? a bar? but this place is so crowded the queue was so long we had to wait nearly half an hour to get in. Sya hairan coz everyone is wearing just t-shirt & shorts & slipper only, i tought it was a bar coz u can hear the band is playing inside. When we finally manage to go in after body check-up, the place is so big, 2 floors everyone was sitting, enjoying on the band & drinking+eating. Like a restaurant lah but macam bar juga. Ntah susah mau explain, you have to see baru u guys understand. Apparently there are 3 different bands playing on that restaurant one week 21 bands...malatup kan..!!!

what one barrel of san miguel is just RM40..

Crispy Pata...Babi's leg...sedap mau mati!!!

Last stop for the nite...Hobbit House. Coz they have orang kerdil as waiter/waitresses and singers.

One of the orang kerdil doing an Elvis song.

Day 2
Were off to SM big, my feet hurts jalan-jalan here.

2 cute babies...

foodcourt at Megamall...they just love using neon light..its so pretty!!!

Yay...i've been upgraded from 3star to 5star. Staying with Lynn on 2nd nite at Reinassance Hotel.
Had great dinner at Hard Rock Cafe with Lynn, Carl & Hendry. Not that crowded coz its a sunday.
Next stop...yes the moment of truth, we went to Asia Entertainment a strip club. It's a first time for me & Lynn to watch naked girls dancing...macam lain jugalah. Lynn pretend to look at the menu coz she also malu..hehe. Camera are not allowed even camera phone. So no tapuk-tapuk pictures. Joey, Natalie & Ava is soooo damn sexy man!!!

Day 3

Good morning Manila, a view from the 21st floor of New World Reinassance.

Lynn, Jimonon n Josie at Market! Market!

Shopping at Market! Market!..tidak cukup sambung The Landmark. tidak cukup sambung lagi GreenBelt. The guys pigi main golf.

Greenbelt, i love this place, i like what they've done with the trees, got lantern gantung-gantung.

Met up with the guys and had dinner at Masas, philipino cuisine restaurant

waiting for the food...

Josie & Lynn

more babui for dinner...yummy

mom can i put my hands in the glass..
After dinner yang lain balik, but me & Lynn decided to jalan-jalan somemore around Greenbelt area. Then we saw this restaurant called Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. read more at Lynn's Blog

Then we're back at the hotel to get ready for the nite. So we meet up the others at Burgos Street, they have a stretch of pubs with halh naked girls there...that's rite. So pub hopping lah kami.

Hollywood Bar....
This time sya dapat curi-curi ambil gambar with my cameraphone

Tickles bar...they only got 2 orang putih customer.
over here Niel sudah mengantuk coz the girls menari gitu-gitu saja. Niel balik with his wife, so tinggal me, Lynn & Hendry. Then the 3 of us sambung to a new pub at Dimples, the girls here are more prettier. OMG i sound like a lesbian...but hey what's the harm looking. So its 2am and we got bored with the boring dancing girls. So we decided to hop again. Last stop The Bronx, the girls are more energetic here. Ngam-ngam they have a dance show..interesting juga. we took some video of the dancing with Lynn's cam.

The bronx

huh...what beer..??!! time check 5.32am

Lynn's new pondan ;)

How the heck can the girls still can dance at 5.45am

Day 4

Yes, we finally got out of the bronx at 6.30am. We've been clubbing till dawn & painted the Burgos street red...gila bah!!!

we were still so excited n went up to Carl's room & woke him up..& bring him, Josie & Jimonon for breakfast

Lynn & Jimonon yang baru bangun

Ready to jalan for breakfast

I was so sleepy bah..!!!
Then after breakfast, balik hotel then we slept thru until afternoon. Trus sambung shopping at Greenhills. Lynn you should tell the part where you bought the DVDs. After all the shopping we had a good foot massage at Greenbelt..punya best.

Alaaaa.....It's time for Lynn to go...

Then i'm off to Bario Fiesta, same as the singing cook and waiter with Carl, Josie, Jimonon & Carl's friends

Yummy Crispy Pata

We're the only guests..

Dancing with the singer/waiter

We had a great time at Manila , Im sure im going back there again..

Day 5 and its time to go home. This is a picture i took at some island of the philipines as we flew across it.

home sweet home. Beautiful sunset..


Fridaycat said...

Hi Joyce...wah so syok your trip! I feel like going back there real soon.

Desmond said...

So lucky one....kita di Sarawak kena ban membawa budak kecil dari Negeri disebabkan oleh penyakit HFM.

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