Thursday, March 02, 2006

Beijing 2008

I was close of winning the lottery today but i didn't, kimets ooo. I bought the number at toto, but the number kluar consolation di 88 and special at Sandakan. I was so frustrated, at least i have extra money to bring to Manila if i won it. punya sya gerigitan...eeee!!!

I received an sms from Eon today, and she told me the most exciting news of all. I didnt care anymore that i didnt win the lottery. Yes Eela got the job.
I present you the new Director of Communiction of Ritz-Carlton, Beijing.
Ms. Finella Siambun

Congratulations!!! Olympic Beijing 2008 here we come...!!!!!!

p/s : yay, another big celebration coming soon..!!!


Lynn said...

Congratulations Eela! Waliao...So proud oh. Sabahan Jadi Director of Communications, Beijing lagitu!!!!!

imanobody0 said...


melo said...

ok so in two years you can be interviewed already for our Malaysians Abroad column tu La... hehe


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