Monday, March 20, 2006

Eon sarung cicin Ceremony

No lah, Eon's not getting engage... It's a "Sogit" yang Ollol got married first before Eon. So sekarang baru kena kasih sogit.

I have to post this pic coz vivi looks so funny here hehe...
Grace is preparing the tikar, for kadazan meal duduk atas lantai

The big cicin day..

almost engaged

ready for the food to be served...

Sup ayam kampung + lihing...sooo yummmmeeee!!!

Bon apetite..


Lynn said...

os, must it only be perempuans ka during the sogit ceremony...first time i nampak.

Joyce said...

i dunno ooo....maybe ngam-ngam the perempuans makan d lantai & the guys prefer eating at the table..

Lynn said...

hey shouldnt it be the other way around ka..haha.sportings juga all the perempuans..


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