Thursday, March 30, 2006

Eella's Farewell take #4. the final take...

Eella's finally leaving for Beijing tonite. So we held the final farewell for her at The Loft last nite. Alaaa u gonna miss the saturday nite with us lah nie...

Ratna & Vivi doing their thing..

Eella & Dr.Jag

Chang giving a sexy look & Kong....

middle guy is fon, ratna's friend.

hubbs n me (at background) hehe

what's with the face Jag

Eella's friend Queenie & Francine..

the girls..

Francine, Joey, Eella n Hubbs

"I got money ..lotsa lotsa money.."
why u like squirming tu Yon..?

Hubbs shows how to grab womens tits do a bangra..

Jag showing the right way doing a bangra...tapi macam sumazau pula in this pic!!

suppose to be tip toeing back...but tidak jadi coz they're laughing...trus nampak macam zombie.


Yo. said...

aiks??? joey?

Joyce said...

uh huh Joey..
sya pun baru tau last week yang Francine is his sister..


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