Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do the hustle..!!

I thought when someone sentenced to prison, all they have to do is stay all day in your room & get rotan/sebat...but in Philipines, they dance.

Provincial jail in Cebu, CPDRC .
"This is actually one of our concepts in jail management wherein instead of the usual morning exercises, we let the inmate[s] memorize [dance moves], and count their routine using the beat of the music...." Byron Garcia.

This Thriller video below is awesome, I guess they really occupy their time by dancing, rather than fighting each other.

Do the hustle guys...I particularly like how they sway the badan...hehehe


Mama Mia said...

good way utk mengisi masa lapang ;P

Moon said...

ni mesti kaki clubbing ni time blum jadi banduan hehehe

kang yong said...

new visit here... omg... i shocked when look at it.. thank for sharinG!

Just said...

Hi, tumpang limpas... Good info lah! At least, the prisoners nda gaduh2 lah!! ;p


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