Friday, September 19, 2008

Indy & Maya Birthday Party

I was invited by Sandra at her daughters Indy(6) & Maya(2) birthday party at Tatu, STAR last sunday. The party started at 12pm-2.30pm, I came around macam sekejap saja sia rasa tu much to chat & catch up with all the CD little time. But it was fun though..

It was my first time watching a birthday with pinata, I was so excited... sikit sia mau berebut the candies with the kids...hehe.

The family with the birthday cake

Birthday cake from Dena & Faye

cute & chubby Ethan...eee cubit pipi kau ooo!!

Celine's Baby C just woke up

Group picture

kids waiting for "gula-gula" runtuh

Lil C taking as much candies into his box

Us & Celine & Baby was my 1st time meeting with Celine

My favourite photo of us with Joyce T & Ethan

Thanks again Sandra for inviting us...hope to meet u ladies again soon. ;) most pictures copied from Susan & JoyceT...thanks ya...


Mimi said...

GAGA pakai Mommy's Touch Red Soccer kaitu? hehe... ngam sudah? ataupun ko sudah figure out mcm mana mo adjust dia punya snaps yg complicated tu?

Joyce said...

Yes...Mommy's Touch Red Soccer hehe..
He ngam already..!!!! So fast bah he membesar..
Sya masih tidak dapat figure out the small setting punya snap. Ada test 1 kali, but very complicated.

Moon said...

wah so modern ba mummy nowdays...last time pakai sarung saja for angkat baby nowdays chun ba...makes the all the mom looking hot ni hahahaha

~kar~ said...

Joyce, mesti ko gerigitan tinguk itu budak2 ambil candy kan?

pu said...

ok was this THE birthday partay of the year ka? whole town's talkin abt it! LOL


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